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Coefficient 2 Points Paying Event for Bilstein Southwest RallyCup Series presented by Scrubblade

Round 5 - Bilstein Southwest RallyCup Series presented by Scrubblade
Round 5- Bilstein Cup Championship
Round 5 - Scrubblade Wipers 2WD Championship
Round 5 - Racetech Overall SWRC Championship
Round 5 - Scrubblade Wipers 4WD Championship Round 5 - Organizers HP Rally Group Invitational Championship (All points from Mendocino, Gorman (Rally Utah) will be updated by Sept 15th on OHPRG and SWRC websites)

Contact: Denise McMahon - Email Mobile (562) 547-4892

Series Director: Bilstein SWRC Series presented by Scrubblade


OHPRG Service Crew and Vehicle Registration Form

2015 Sporting Regulations (OHPRG) - PDF

2015 Supplemental Regulations - PDF

2015 OHPRG Competition Entry Application - PDF (Must be filled out and sent to competitor registrar via e-mail...check supplementary regulations for competitor registrar information.)

2015 Rally Stage Schedule

2015 Event Schedule (Revised November 1)



Seed 9 Rally - Online Entry


NEW ENTRY with no Password or Car Number in this database.


I know my Car Number & Password (New Entry or Entry Update).


I know my Name & Password (New Entry or Entry Update).

Early Bird Entry Fee Special:

You can deposit half of the Early Entry Fee by September 30th (check/charge/Bill Me Later) ($247.50-Check or $255.00 – charge card)
Last deposit installment date is Nov. 1st, 2015.

Discounted Entry Fee:

Make Check/Money Order/Cashier’s Check payable to Organizers HP Rally Group, LLC

Entry Payment by check/money order/cashier’s check can be mailed to:

Pat McMahon
1214 N Lombard Dr.
Anaheim, Ca 92801

Discount Entry Fee Schedule:

Early Entry Fee:

Present to October 17, 2015 (postmarked)

Standard Entry Fee: $550.00    

October 18th to October 31, 2015 (postmarked)

Cash Only:

November 1st - Nov 7,2015 (Cash Only or Charge-No Check)

Credit Card / Paypal Entry Fees:

Early Entry Fee:

Present to Oct. 17th, 2015

Standard Entry Fee:

October 18th to October 31, 2015

Late Entry Fee:

November 1st – Nov 8th, 2015

Seed 9 Attack:

Entry money goes toward the Wounded Warrior Project that goes with Desert Storm –Storm Attack (Contingencies will be explained further in the Category – Seed 9 Attack in Supplemental Regulations)


Present to Day of Registration

$15.45 – Charge Card

Present to Day of Registration

Instructions for Credit Card Usage:

For those of you using the credit card as payment toward your entry fee, you go to www.paypal.com and input exactlyrt@aol.com to indicate what account to pay your transaction. Instructions will be on the website to help you on how to take care of your  transaction.


Over 20 entrees plus - $50.00 back at registration.
Over 30 entrees plus - $75.00 back at registration.

*Payment Refund Policy and Administration Fee

Withdrawal Present to Oct 11th – Refund minus $150.00 administration fee.
Withdrawal from Oct 12th to Nov. 1st – Refund minus $175.00 administration fee.
Withdrawal on Nov 2nd and Nov 7th – Refund minus $200.00 administration fee.
Any withdrawal on Nov 7th will not be refunded.
*This reason is due to expenses that the event incurs over the last few weeks that they cannot recoup.

Withdrawal from Event:

Notification of withdrawal must be made to the Competitor Registrar by  calling  or e-mailing as soon as you know you cannot compete by Friday, November 6th, 2015.

Event Cancellation Policy:

All money will be refunded 100 percent to the team that have paid within 60 days of cancellation.

Payment of Admin Fee (OHPRG):

This helps the sanction body to maintain its website, volunteers insurance, etc.
$25.00 (check/cash) – License paid by NASA, Rally America, CARS, and FIA.
$50.00 (check/cash)  – Non-license if you have no rally type of competition license to show.

If you are charging the admin fee then it will be: (charge via paypal to exactlyrt@aol.com)

  1. Must show your recognized rally competition license at time of registration.

  2. If no current competition license; then you must purchase an OHPRG event license at $50.00.

    1. If you are a novice then you must contact the competitor registrar before the event.
    2. Definition of novice is defined in Organizers HP RallyGroup, LLC Bulletin #2. Go to www.southwestrallyseries.com.
  3. All Novice competitors (driver or co-driver) must attend the MANDATORY NOVICE Seminar; please check the General  Event Schedule for location and times. Novice competitors not attending the entire class will not be allowed to start the event and will surrender all fees paid. Please see the Organizers HP Rally Group, LLC Novice Bulletin.  You will be notified by competitor registrar in advance if you are required to attend.

Competition Classes:

  1. All eligible vehicles will be recognized according to Organizers HP Group classes.

  2. Bilstein USA Southwest RallyCup Series adheres to Organizers HP Group classes.

Rally Classes:

  • Rally 2

  • Rally 5

  • Rally Open Limited

  • Rally Open

  • Rally Production

  • Rally GT

  • Rally Super Pro

SWRC Classes:

  • All above and:

  • Bilstein Cup Championship

  • Scrubblade Wiper 2WD Championship

  • Scrubblade Wiper 4WD Championship

Competitor Registrar contact:

Marni Nagy
Home Phone Number: 949-589-1083
Cell Phone Number: 949-436-2060
Fax Number:  949-459-0745


Please download and complete these forms:
Media Application | Media Credential Agreement

Please send back this paperwork back to Denise McMahon and Sebastian Krywult @
marymountdenise@aol.com and turndriverside@gmail.com


Spectator Viewing Information:

Coming Soon


Please read: Communcation Team Tasks | For Timing / Scoring Marshalls


Online Volunteer Sign Up


I've never registered online before.


I know my password.


I've registered online before, but I don't know my password.


Rally Headquarters / Lodging
Gold Strike Hotel and Casino, 1 Main St, Jean, NV 89019 - Map
(now own by Hersbt Brothers who own Terribles)
Thursday - $45.95 + tax
Friday - $55.95 + tax
Saturday - $ 69.95 + tax
Sunday - $45.99 + tax

Mention Group Code - Seed9

MUST BOOK before Nov 4, 2015. They will hold the room at these rates without a credit card but after 6PM they will cancel the room BUT place a credit card on file this will GUARANTEE that the room will not be canceled after 6:00 PM and will be available upon checkin regardless of sales volume or sell-outs. You will not be charged until you get in up to midnight then it will be charged.

Cancellations must be made 1 day in advance if doing the Guarantee with credit card.

Goldstrike Casino has remodeled some rooms since taken over by Terribles. So for additional $10.00 above the posted rate called Ultra rooms will be available. Also available at limited number of Deluxe and Ultra Deluxe rooms and Mini Suites and Jacuzzi Suites at prevailing rates.


2012 Wrap-up 1 | Wrap-up 2 | Photo gallery

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